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  • Predator jaws, Firm gripping, High durability.
  • Superior quality, forged Steel.
  • Ergonomic knob Smooth adjustable jaw opening, with locking nut.
  • Less releasing effort NO-PINCH, QUICK RELEASE Powerful releasing when tools are firmly locked.
  • Self-centered rod & lever keeps handles aligned. Ensures years of service

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Benefits of Epoxy Resin:

  • Epoxy resin is 20 times more corrosion-resistant than nickel pliers.
  • The spreading of rust is much quicker below nickel-plated surfaces than epoxy-painted surfaces.
  • Using epoxy resin in the manufacture of our locking tools is far more environmentally friendly than nickel or chrome. This is in line with the prestigious ISO 14000 which instigates, among other things, the use of non-polluting agents.


  • Unique user of EPOXY resin on Locking Pliers & C-Clamps manufacturing.
  • Wholest Locking Pliers and Steel Clamps range
  • ViseBrench of Hands-Free Concept for Locking Pliers and Clamps
  • High Jaws, clamping capacity
  • Pliers & Clamps from 5″ to 40″ size.
  • Using epoxy paint helps distinguish the tools on the marketplace and allows for a customized finish by using corporate colors.

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