Bench Vise of Locking Pliers

KIT Work Bench Vices HK-SET4

An innovative concept to work hands-free, alone without the help of another person. This KIT is your third hand.

Consists in

2 x Omnium 131-10 Grips and 2 x Grip 1010 Support

Used together, they form a portable vise system. Ideal for cutting, gluing, welding, threading... It can be mounted on any surface. Two functions, portable pliers and vice.

SET of Universal Tools, Epoxy paint coating, 20 more resistant to corrosion than nickel. Respectful with the environment.

Applications in Welding, Garage, Bodywork, Aviation, Maintenance, Plumbing, DIY, Agriculture, Crafts, Carpentry...

Bracket can be used with any 10" Jaw.

Locking Pliers 131-10

Modern and multi-use design ideal for all trades, welding, plumbing, general mechanics, DIY, etc. Jaws that combine straight, curved and convex configurations: Provide versatility to grip different shapes; round, flat, square. Straight, curved, convex objects. Easy unlocking without pinching.