About Us

Grip-on® is a company with more than 35 years of experience solving tightening problems by designing, patenting and manufacturing high quality locking pliers & clamps, reaching high customer satisfaction. Fast release, No Pinch.


The entire Grip-on® team are fully committed and dedicated to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers. Effective inter-departmental communication coupled with advanced information technology, ensure clients receive orders in good condition and that promised delivery dates are met. Our fully qualified technical, sales & administrative personnel are always on hand to provide customers with comprehensive after sales support including, extra product information, technical advice, support visits, training, etc.


Quality Management: Our commitment is to ensure the highest quality standards is total and unreserved. The procurement of only the finest raw materials, a decentralised production system in mini-factories, a radio controlled machine monitoring system and 100% quality control, are only some of the factors which have helped foment Grip-on’s reputation as a supplier of superior quality tools registered under ISO9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
Our Quality Policy is available to those parties that request it.


All Grip-on® Tools products are manufactured to the highest standards and are guaranteed against either defective materials and/or workmanship when used for the purpose for which they were designed. This guarantee does not apply to tools that are worn beyond their serviceable life, abused, altered or misused in any way.

R & D

One of the hallmarks of Grip-on’s ability to offer diversity and originality is our constant focus on research and development. High quality locking pliers. Having constantly invested in the most advanced Computer Aided Design Technology we are able to realise detailed and precise technical drawings in 3D and perform Finite Element Analyses to test and develop a multitude of problem-solving ideas to meet the changing demands of the industries we serve.


We are an association in which diverse organizations, united by the New Style of Relationships, share experiences, synergies and knowledge; join forces to improve, advance, be more efficient, and get better results, and accompany each other on the path of profound cultural change entailed by this (ner) style. It is an association with a clear concern for Society, which wants to achieve a Just and Sustainable Human Development.


ESKUIN, the Spanish Hardware and Industrial Supply, groups together all the players with interests in developing and promoting hardware and industrial supply sector.
Our mission is to represent the Spanish Hardware and Industrial Supply industry, constructing a coherent, comprehensible and differentiated image of the sector.


Boosting a sustainable growth of the industrial economy.
Based on an internationally recognised entrepreneurial tradition and a unique socio-economic ecosystem, the Basque Precision Technology District is a commitment of public-private stakeholders of the Lower Deba region with their own approach towards a productive economy.