We Manufacture Quality Locking Pliers, Clamps and Pins

Grip-on® is a company with more than 35 years of experience solving tightening problems by designing, patenting and manufacturing high quality Locking Pliers & CClamps, reaching high customer satisfaction. 

Heavy Duty Tools Locking Pliers

Grip-on manufactures the widest and most modern range of locking pliers & clamps worldwide. Continually producing top quality and innovative tools to meet the growing demand of Welding, Metal Work, Maintenance, Pipe, Auto Mechanics, Auto Body, DIY, Woodwork, Retail and Multi-use.

Locking pliers private label manufacturerGrip-on Tools has been recognized as a specialized designer. As a result, we are a Manufacturer of Top Quality Locking tools. For many years our company is a preferred partner for private labels. Manufacturing for many Hand Tools manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Grip-on manufactures not only Locking Pliers and C-Clamps but also produces Split Pins, Hair Pins, Double Hair Pins, Linch Pins & Pipe Linch Pins. All are available under your Brand.